Who is jesus

Just to agree intellectually that jesus christ is the son of god and that he died on the cross for our sins is not enough nor is it enough to have an emotional experience you receive jesus christ by faith, as an act of the will. Now jesus did many other signs in the presence of the disciples, which are not written in this book but these[signs] are written that you may believe that jesus is the christ,[the messiah], and the son of god[a divine human person] and that believing you may have life in his name. Jesus would let god’s sentence of death—his righteous wrath against sinners—fall on him so, jesus allowed one of his own disciples to betray him to the roman authorities who sentenced him to be crucified. Since 1985, the jesus seminar, a group of about 200 scholars and authors, has done just that its aim is to reconstruct the life of the historical jesus by using modern critical methods, weeding out fact from fiction in the gospel narratives.

Unlike any other human, jesus lived in heaven as a spirit person before he was born on earth he was god’s first creation, and he helped in the creation of all other thingshe is the only one created directly by jehovah and is therefore appropriately called god’s “only-begotten” sonjohn 1:14. Who is jesus 1) know that he is the great teacher of truth 2) know that he is the warner of danger 3) know that he is the forgiver of sins 4) will you acknowledge jesus today for who he is 2 invitation 1) if you are a christian but have fallen away a you have stopped knowing him b renew your knowledge and love for jesus today. Background jesus has been acclaimed as the greatest religious leader who ever lived, as being the most influential person to have lived on our planet, and as being unique to the degree that no one can be compared to him.

Jesus was more than a man or a great teacher the bible says he was the son of god jesus came to earth more than 2,000 years ago to save us from our sins, which separate us from god. Who is jesus christ he was jehovah of the old testament and the messiah of the new testament the living christ: the testimony of the apostles in “the living christ: the testimony of the apostles,” modern-day prophets and apostles bear witness of the divinity of our savior jesus christ read jesus the christ,. Jesus was applauded as a prophet, and he was dismissed as a babbling blasphemer so who is this jesus in the words of hebrews 1:3, we are told jesus is “the radiance of the glory of god and the exact imprint of his nature. The historical jesus in the academic world of biblical history and archeology, scholars of the minimalist camp are gaining increasing prominence essentially, minimalists give the biblical record little credence they minimize the importance of the bible to the historical record, placing more trust in evidence from other sources.

Jesus, son of mary, said, o god our lord send down upon us a table from heaven, to be for us a festival, for the first of us and the last of us, and a sign from you: and give provision (of food) to us, for you are the best of providers god said, i am sending it down for you. Jesus said, you, go and tell people about me and represent me to the world which is why their writings, as recorded in the bible, trump any other opinion about christ one of those apostles is the apostle paul the apostle paul was a man who lived in the same time and the same timeframe as jesus, and his will, plan, even vocation was to. Jesus is the founder of christianity, god in flesh, who died on the cross and rose from the dead read this article to learn more about him jesus is the central figure of christianity. Jesus is god in the beginning was the word, and the word was with god, and the word was god (jn 1:1) in this passage, john isn't setting forth a polytheistic doctrine, that there are multiple gods which we worship rather, he is stating that jesus is divine, in perfect fellowship with jehovah, though a separate person.

Trying to find jesus in specific passages can cause misreading, but jesus is the fulfillment of the promises god made did muhammad perform miracles like jesus did the case for christ study bible biblical prophets performed miracles to establish their credentials. A man-on-the-street video asking the people of south florida, who is jesus. Jesus was the long-awaited messiah, who came to earth to carry out the mission given to him by his father at one point, he asked his disciples, “who do you say that i am” (matt 16:15) this is the question each of us must answer.

Who is jesus

If jesus died on the cross, then how can he be alive today answer was jesus god, manifest in human form answer is jesus christ really god answer if jesus was the son of god, why did he call himself the son of man answer trinity—how can one god be three persons answer. Who is jesus seems like such an easy question he is the son of god, he came and died on the cross and rose again, and will one day return for his bride. Teens talk about jesus young people at lancaster mennonite high school were asked to write in a senior paper about their questions about and relationship with jesus.

  • Jesus is god's son who died for sin, came back to life, and is the only way to heaven jesus is god the son like god the father, jesus has always existed.
  • Question: who is jesus christ answer: unlike the question “does god exist” very few people question whether jesus christ existed it is generally accepted that jesus was truly a man who walked on the earth in israel 2000 years ago the debate begins when the subject of jesus' full identity is discussed.
  • Who is jesus christ to you jesus said, i have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly (john 10:10, nkjv) in 1 john 5:11-13 we are told that if we have the son in our life we can know that we have eternal life jesus is the only way for us to live an abundant life here on earth, or receive eternal life in.

Jesus answered and said to him, blessed are you, simon bar-jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my father who is in heaven the god-revealed answer is that jesus is the promised messiah, the literal son of the supreme being of all the universe. Jesus' father was a carpenter and he became one, too, meaning that they had likely lost their agricultural land at some point jesus was raised jewish and he remained deeply jewish all of his life. “i don’t understand what jesus’ suffering on the cross has to do with our salvation after all, lots of people have suffered just as much as he did, or even a lot worse. Learn about the life and teachings of jesus christ with this series of videos who is jesus christ he was jehovah of the old testament and the messiah of the new testament how can i personally follow jesus christ he is the way, the truth, and the life he leads us back to the father.

who is jesus Jesus' distinct claims of being god eliminate the popular ploy of skeptics who regard him as just a good moral man or a prophet who said a lot of profound things.
Who is jesus
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